An exceptional Nordic Area

Cross-country skiing in a wild and quiet atmosphere.

The cross country  site of Peisey-Vallandry, space of discoveries, offers you of real extraordinary sensations, without limit, at the heart of an authentic, and wild nature.

Situated near the door of the National park of Vanoise, 43 km of cross-country ski runs equipped for alternative skiing  and skating, you can also find  a Ski Cross and a a stadium of biathlon adapted for the competitions.

All the types of levels are proposed.( green to black)

Alternative and skatin skiing :

  • Free track: La Croé: 1 km
  • Green slope: L'eau salée : 1.1 km
  • Blue slopes : Les Dzirpes: 1.6 km, la Gouille: 6.9 km, le Vignerand: 1.5 km, le Tumelet: 0.4 km
  • Red slopes: Le Cassinet: 2 km, Beaupraz: 0.7 km, Le Mône: 4.1 km, Pré Envers 0.7 km
  • Black slopes: Pont Romane: 3.2 km, la Culaz: 0.7 km, l'Epinerie: 1.6 km.
The nordic site of Peisey-Vallandry proposes numerous activities too, such as strolls in snowshoes, walks, dog and horse sled, waterfalls ice climbing, place for sledging.

Numerous animations are proposed to you throughout the wintry season.

You can also  admiring some wild animals such as  ibexes, chamoises, deers and bearded lammergeyer.

You can follow the main torrent on 3 km and admire  the glacial cirque of le Mont Pourri and les Platières, the mythical North face of Bellecôte, the wood of larches where ibexes and chamoises spend the winter. 

One of  the doors of the Vanoise national park - Gurraz Epinerie: you can see ibexes, chamoises and bearded lammergeyers in their zones of wintering, at the foot of the waterfalls. Since Pont-Baudin, 2 or 3 hours 7 km.

Lanches, Rosuel, Bettières, Beaupraz: you cross the little village and follow the river.
Since Pont-Baudin 1:30 or 2:30 hours 4.5 km.

Professional ( ESF) are available to discovered the valley
Inform you in the Tourist office.