4 supervised activities for children... without parents!

You have come with your children on holiday and would like them to enjoy the benefits of the mountains independently? Here is a selection of 4 professionally supervised activities for children over 6 years old. You let them discover the mountain with passionate people and come and pick them up once their activity is over! This promises a rich reunion of shared experiences.
  • 4 supervised activities for children... without parents!	 - © Montagne Expériences
1.       Discover the mountains like real little mountain people!
Montagne Expériences offers your children fun and educational afternoons in the great outdoors on the theme of the mountains in the company of a mountain guide. Three different workshops are offered so that your children can discover the mountain at their own pace:
  • The secret forest: A fun walk off the beaten track to discover the secrets of the local fauna and flora. A great way to make your children aware of biodiversity and the importance of ecology.
  • Koh Lanta: Montagne Expériences revisits the famous TV show for the pleasure of your children. The aim of the workshop is to learn about survival in the wilderness with sporting events, but also practical tests such as learning how to make a fire, build an emergency shelter or make traps.
  • Hut building / land art: If you like the cartoon "Bob the Builder", they will love to create and build shelters with natural materials that they can find freely in nature. And why not also try to create works of art? The result of their creation is sure to make them very proud!
Technical details :
Age: 6 to 13 years old
Departure: Afternoons from 2pm to 4.30pm
Duration: 2h30
Price: 20 euros per child
Information and booking:
Montagne Expériences
ESF Vallandry reception
Open every day
9am-12pm / 4pm-7pm
04 79 07 95 84
  • 4 supervised activities for children... without parents!	 - © OTPV
2.       Play the little miner for a morning!
Chantal, from the association Le Palais de la Mine, offers your children the chance to step back in time and to live as a real little miner for a morning. Equipped with geologist's hammers, your children will collect different rocks to identify them and prepare their own exhibition! They will also visit part of the site of the old silver-lead mines, in particular a gallery and the Palais de la Mine (Ecole Française des Mines from 1802 to 1814). A very instructive morning in the open air!
Technical details :
Age: From 7 years old
Departure: Every Thursday at 9 am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 18.50 euros per child
Information and booking:
Association Le Palais de la Mine
06 14 94 49 76
  • 4 supervised activities for children... without parents!	 - © William Breysse
3.       Learn to ride down the mountain bike trails like Loïc Bruni!
William, a mountain bike instructor for over 10 years, offers your children the opportunity to progress at their own pace in mountain biking during one or more courses. The children are grouped by age, thus ensuring that they share the same affinities as the other children and make new friends for the holidays! Whether they are beginners or already initiated, the courses are adapted to their level and their desire. The little extra: William takes great photos that he will be delighted to share with you!
Technical details :
Age : From 8 to 17 years old
Departure: Mornings at 9.30 am and afternoons at 2.15 pm
Duration: 2h30
Price (bike + protection + supervision + package) :
For kids (8 to 11 years old): 60 euros per session or 160 euros for three sessions
For juniors (12 to 17 years old): 65 euros per session or 180 euros for three sessions
Information and booking:
Intersport Vallandry
06 82 66 24 41
  • 4 supervised activities for children... without parents!	 - © H2O Sports
4.       Make the most of all the activities in the area without having to choose!
Why choose one activity when you can do almost all of them in one week? H2O Sports / Evolution 2 offers your children a full week (from Sunday to Thursday) of sporting discoveries ranging from rafting to deval'bike, including a trapper's evening with your kids. The promise? A week full of great memories and new experiences that they will be happy to tell their friends about back in school!
Technical details :
Age: 10 to 18 years old
Departure: Mornings, afternoons and evenings (only for the trapper's evening)
Duration: 2h30 to 3h depending on the activity
Price (including transport) :
136 euros for the classic sports pack (rafting 2h45, paddle and paintball 3h and trapper's evening 3h)
178 euros for the basic sports pack (rafting 2h45, paddle and paintball 3h, trapper's evening 3h and e-scoot 2h30)
267 euros for the premium sports pack (rafting 2h45, paddle and paintball 3h, trapper's evening 3h, e-scoot 2h30, deval'bike 2h30 and canyoning 3h)
Information and reservations:
H2O Sports / Evolution 2
Landry and Vallandry
04 79 07 97 21
Editor: Sahra Ronc
Photo credits: Montagne Expériences, OTPV, William Breysse and H2O Sports