5 winter walks for the whole family!

Holidays in the mountains are a great opportunity to get together as a family, to spend time together and to return to your everyday life with shared memories. The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to find activities suitable for the whole family (babies, children, teenagers, parents and grandparents). Peisey-Vallandry has selected for you 5 winter walks that will please both children and adults so that you can spend unforgettable moments all together.
The little extras of these routes that make the difference:
  1. You don't need much equipment (hiking boots or snowshoes depending on the snow conditions).
  2. You can take sledges so that the little ones can rest while having fun.
  3. You can bring your pets.
  • 5 winter walks for the whole family!	 - © OTPeiseyVallandry
Itinerary n°1 : To enjoy a long and invigorating walk along the Isère river
Departure : Landry
Arrival : Aime or Bourg-Saint-Maurice
Distance : 15 km
Time : Variable
This is definitely the walk for the whole family! Located at a low altitude (700 m), it is ideal for people with health problems linked to altitude. It is also entirely tarmac and flat, so it can be walked without difficulty with pushchairs or various devices for people with reduced mobility. If there is enough snow, the cycle path can also be used as a (free) cross-country ski trail! A great way to keep your teenagers busy during the ride!
Stages :
  1. Access by car or by shuttle bus from the resort.
  2. Arrive at the car park opposite H2O and Camping de l'Eden.
  3. Walk towards Aime or Bourg-Saint-Maurice.
  4. Turn around and go back towards Landry or continue to Aime or Bourg-Saint-Maurice (return by train possible).
  • 5 winter walks for the whole family!	 - © OTPeiseyVallandry
Itinerary n°2 : To walk in the woods of the enchanted forest of Peisey
Departure : Peisey village
Arrival : Les Rêches
Distance : 2 km (one way)
Time : 1h
Looking for peace and quiet? This walk is for you! It is well known that the forest is the best anti-stress and a constant source of refreshment. On this route, there is no noise pollution, only the rustling of the trees and the singing of the birds, inviting you to daydream and let go. Why not take advantage of this walk to organise a little game with your children? Who will be the first to find a squirrel or to spot animal tracks in the snow? Concentration and wonder guaranteed!
Stages :
  1. Access by car or by shuttle bus from the resort.
  2. Arrive at Peisey village.
  3. Take the direction of Villaret.
  4. Pass the televillage, then the chapel and cross straight on.
  5. Cross the houses of Côtes, then make a few turns downstream towards Martorey.
  6. Turn back towards Peisey village or continue to Martorey to extend the walk and see the beautiful old houses with columns (no shuttle bus - return on foot only).
  • 5 winter walks for the whole family!	 - © lez-broz
Itinerary n°3 : To discover the jewel of Tarentaise baroque art
Departure : Plan Peisey
Arrival : The Sanctuary of Notre Dame des Vernettes
Distance : 2.5 km (one way)
Time : 1 hour
Take a family walk along the incredible balcony path that leads to the real jewel of Savoyard Baroque art: the Sanctuary of Notre Dame des Vernettes and its oratory at an altitude of 1800 m. You will be dazzled by its exceptionally beautiful panorama: between the north face of Bellecôte and the aptly named Aiguille Rousse, gleaming at every sunset. You can visit the interior of Notre Dame des Vernettes free of charge every day from 9am to 5pm. And don't forget to stop off at the spring, whose virtues are said to be miraculous... Enough to strengthen the immune system of the whole family!
Steps :
  1. From the resort, walk towards the old Plan Peisey located just after the Parchey chairlift and the restaurant La Vache.
  2. Take the road that goes up to the left and follow the yellow markings (only one bend, then the path is almost flat).
  3. Arrive at the Sanctuary of Notre Dame des Vernettes. 
  4. Take the road back towards the oratory and the miraculous spring.
  5. Turn back towards Plan Peisey or continue towards Pracompuet to extend the walk and discover this small mountain village (no shuttle bus - return on foot only).
  • 5 winter walks for the whole family!	 - © OTPeiseyVallandry
Itinerary n°4 : To visit a new ski resort in the blink of an eye
Departure : Vallandry
Arrival : Arc 1800
Distance : 3.5 km (one way)
Time : 1h
A fun walk for all the family on a trail that links two iconic destinations: Peisey-Vallandry and Les Arcs. Usually reserved for skiers, the forest trail lends itself very well to hiking as it is generally flat (150 m D+) and therefore accessible to all. Surrounded on both sides by snow-covered larches, you will have the impression of being transported into a fairy-tale world. Don't forget to stop for souvenir photos with your family just after the last chalets in Vallandry as the view over the valley is magnificent.
Stages :
  1. From the resort, walk to the start of the Grizzli chairlift.
  2. Follow the piste de la forêt, or otherwise called the route des espagnols, which leads to Arc 1800.
  3. Turn around in the direction of Vallandry (return by shuttle bus possible) or continue in the direction of Arc 1600 to extend the walk and discover the modern architecture of this resort (return by shuttle bus possible).
  • 5 winter walks for the whole family!	 - © OTPeiseyVallandry

Route 5: Travel back in time through a museum trail
Departure : Pont Baudin Nordic Centre
Finish : Palais de la Mine
Distance : 2 km (loop)
Duration : 1h30
For a peaceful walk, coupled with a trip back in time, go to the Pont Baudin Nordic site. Along the museum trail, you will find information panels explaining the history of lead and silver mining and the importance it has had on the history of Peisey-Vallandry. In the open air, you will have the chance to see the remains of various installations such as the Saint Victor gallery, the tomb of the Rosenberg knight, as well as the Palais de la Mine which is in fact a building where the engineering students were housed. Enough to enrich the general culture of the whole family!
Stages :

  1. Access by car or by shuttle bus from the resort.

  2. Arrive in front of the Pont Baudin Nordic centre.

  3. Take the famous Allee des Mélèzes.

  4. Turn left to discover the Palais de la Mine.

  5. Go down to the left towards the village of Les Lanches.

  6. Return by road towards Pont Baudin.

  7. Return to the resort by car or by shuttle.

Editor: Sahra Ronc
Photo credits: Caroline Luc, OTPV and LezBroz