Our top 5 Instagramable spots!

It's no secret that Peisey-Vallandry is photogenic, let alone ultra Instagram-able. No matter where you are in the destination, no matter what you're doing, it would be hard to miss a photo in this dreamy panorama. But if you're looking for perfection or engagement with your community, we've selected 5 of the must-see spots to enhance your account and keep wonderful memories of your time with us! Look no further, the perfect photo is below! 
  • Our top 5 Instagramable spots!	 - © lez-broz
  1. Notre-Dame des Vernettes
We could not create this selection without mentioning our sublime jewel of Tarentaise baroque art: Notre-Dame des Vernettes. In addition to its polygonal architecture of rare beauty, the Sanctuary enjoys a divine location: between the north face of Bellecôte and the Aiguille Rousse, gleaming at every sunset. Enough to delight your architecture fans!
Our advice for a successful shot: Opt for a distant shot, ideally from the Chemin des Vernettes. You will then have the Vernettes Sanctuary surrounded by its peaks in its entirety.
  • Our top 5 Instagramable spots!	 - © OTPeiseyVallandry
  1. The Larch Alley
The famous larch alley! Located at the Nordic site of Pont Baudin, this alley lined with conifers will give you the impression of being transported into a fairy world. And if you are lucky enough to photograph it in the snow, your photo will be all the more sensational. Likes guaranteed!
Our advice for a successful photo: Walk until you cross the cross-country ski trail, centre yourself in the middle of the path and zoom in slightly for more stature.
  • Our top 5 Instagramable spots!	 - © lez-broz
  1. Mont Blanc
With an altitude of 4,809 metres, it is the highest peak in Western Europe. We are of course talking about Mont Blanc, from which Peisey-Vallandry is lucky enough to have a breathtaking view! But don't be mistaken, the side we can see is none other than Italian. An Instagram caption that should bring a little culture to your followers!
Our advice for a successful shot: stand on the forest trail (or otherwise known as the return station) and wait for the sun to set to see Mont Blanc in its white coat of pink.
  • Our top 5 Instagramable spots!	 - © lez-broz
  1. The Aliet, the Aiguille Rousse and Bellecôte
Take a step up and admire the mountains that surround you. So different from each other, it will not be difficult to distinguish them. L'Aliet forms a point while the Aiguille Rousse is, as its name suggests, rather ochre in colour. Finally, Bellecôte, further to the right, will be recognisable by its immensity and its austere side. No doubt that summit lovers will be quick to name them in comments! 
Our advice for a successful photo: Follow the "Les Verdaches" itinerary from the Parchey chairlift in Plan Peisey. Stop between the restaurant Les 3 Saveurs and the arrival at the Grizzli chairlift. Get your lens out, the mountains are ready to be photographed!
  • Our top 5 Instagramable spots!	 - © OTPeiseyVallandry
  1. The Valley
There are not only summits to immortalise in the mountains, there is also the valley! From the top of its 1600 meters of altitude, Peisey-Vallandry offers a breathtaking view on a part of the Tarentaise valley. Will you be able to recognise all the villages in the valley? A good question to interact with your followers!
Our advice for a successful photo: Walk along the forest track towards Arc 1800. Just after the last chalets of Vallandry and the first hairpin, stop on your left in the middle of the sparse trees. The immensity is yours!
Editor: Sahra Ronc
Photo credits: Lez Broz and OTPV