Vallandry : un espace de vie 100% artisanat local

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Unveiled in the winter of 2021.2022, the living space located at the top of the Vallandry gondola is a real meeting place for all generations. In keeping with the virtuous approach instilled by the conductor in charge of the project, Léo Tixier, and the eco-responsible collective, La Ruche, the building's construction was entrusted to local craftsmen, true witnesses of Peisey-Vallandry's know-how. Let's meet these passionate local actors, who combine work and love for the mountains on a daily basis.


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Christophe Hidalga, head of the company Altibois, is the craftsman who created the wooden furniture for the indoor living area at the arrival of the Vallandry cable car. The tables, benches, furniture in the entrance hall, mechanical stools, ski racks and sofas that you use every day are all made by his hands. Christophe was approached by ADS - Domaine de Montagne Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry, who offered him the opportunity to design the furniture for the Vallandry living area. This challenge, which he gladly accepted, was a real honour for him and a unique opportunity to promote local craftsmanship. The whole project took a little less than two months to complete. The tables took a month to build and the ski racks took 15 days. A record time for this type of work! The challenge was all the more important for Christophe as he was delivering such wooden sofas for the first time... You only have to sit on one of the sofas or on one of the tables to realise that the challenge was successfully met!


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Jacky Arnaud created the paintings that you can admire as soon as you enter the Vallandry living space: paintings in the reception hall and ornaments on the picnic tables. Jacky is a true multidisciplinary jack-of-all-trades! "I first started making art as a hobby. Then I became more and more interested in this passion and I multiplied the disciplines: painting, tattooing, gold leaf work, etc. Then I decided to make my passion my profession". The artistic project within the Vallandry living space was born from a meeting between Jacky and Léo Tixier, who is responsible for the development of the Domaine de Montagne and a member of the eco-responsible collective "La Ruche". Léo was won over by Jacky's work and entrusted him with an artistic project as part of the renovation of the departure station of the Aiguille Rouge cable car. Jacky created a fresco representing an emblematic bird of Peisey-Vallandry: the bearded vulture. We advise you to go and have a look at it! Following this successful collaboration, Léo contacted Jacky again for a new major project: the graphic design of the Vallandry's living space. Conquered by this new challenge, Jacky did not hesitate and responded positively to this proposal. Our favourite painting: the one at the entrance of Vallandry with the quote from Leonardo da Vinci "Go take your lessons from Nature. That's where our future lies".


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Lisa Tesson is in charge of Une Montagne de Savoir-Faire in Landry and has developed a leather workshop in parallel with her commercial activity. Lisa repairs and makes seats for mountain equipment such as chairlifts and motorised mountain machines. The ADS company therefore logically called on her services to make the imitation leather seats for the interior furniture of the Vallandry living area. "I am used to working with Christophe d'Altibois on different projects. When he was approached to design the Vallandry living space, it was only natural that he recommended me," says Lisa. Ideally located a few metres from the Landry train station, a Montagne de Savoir-Faire is the ideal shop to take home a souvenir of your stay in the mountains! What's more, there's even a coffee/sandwich corner to eat before heading home (new for winter 2022.2023)!


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A true jack-of-all-trades, Véronique Lemore is a painter and cultural agent at the Peisey-Nancroix library. With a view to raising awareness of local flora, the ADS company called on her talents for this new project for an educational indoor space. Already in charge of setting up fun workshops and exhibitions, Véronique has created a series of paintings highlighting different local flowers from Savoie. You can admire this collection above the picnic tables in the relaxation area. It's up to you to guess the species represented!


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Within the Vallandry living space, the curiosity cabinet allows you to discover various objects from Savoyard folklore, such as farming tools and traditional costumes. These majestic garments, true witnesses of Savoyard traditions, come from the collection of Dominique Giono, a local figure and living memory of the costume-making tradition of Peisey-Vallandry. Dominique worked for the Domaine de Montagne for many years and is now president of the association "Les Cordettes". Created in 1979, this association brings together about fifteen enthusiasts of traditional Savoyard costumes. Just like the temporary collections of a museum, a new costume is proposed by Dominique and exhibited each month of this winter season in the curiosity cabinet. Enough to go back several times! And if you want to know more about the local heritage, go to the Musée de la Fruitière in the village of Peisey (free and open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm to 6pm).