Discover the surprises in store for you this winter (Alpine and Nordic) 2023/2024!
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Once upon a time, in Arc 1600, in the heart of the "Mont Blanc" blue run, there was a mysterious, unspoilt forest. Some said it was where you could find "the best skiing in Les Arcs". This winter, something extraordinary is about to happen. Three giants will rise from the ground, wooden giants over 7 metres tall. Carved in the image of the majestic silhouettes of the mountains, they will invite you to climb them in every imaginable way: from outside to inside, from top to bottom, from right to left, and much more! Inside these giant wooden mazes, you'll find countless surprises: walls to climb, secret doors to discover, platforms perched in the trees, a giant Mikado to unravel, footbridges that defy balance, and even rope nests to rest in. These giants won't just be there to amuse you. They'll have a more important mission! These wooden colossuses will be the guardians of the forest, making sure that young and old alike are aware of the importance of mountain forests in preserving our precious natural environment. 
Access: Only on skis via the Mont Blanc chairlift on the Mont Blanc blue run at Arc 1600.
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Le Balcon sur la Vanoise promises unforgettable moments when time seems to stand still! Whether you're a nature lover, a keen photographer or simply looking for a moment of peace and quiet, the Balcon sur la Vanoise is the ideal place to escape from everyday life and take in the grandeur of the Bellecôte, Aliet and Aiguille Rousse ranges. It's not unusual to come across a bearded vulture in flight! As well as picnic tables, the Balcon sur la Vanoise panoramic terrace offers binoculars for observation and a photo terminal so you can capture your memories before retrieving them via the Paradiski YUGE application. And new this year: the balcony has been enlarged and given a facelift to make way for a stage worthy of the greatest natural spectacles.
Access: Only on skis from the 2300 chairlift at Peisey-Vallandry.

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Launched in 2015, the Paradiski YUGE app is the must-have for winter sports and summer hiking enthusiasts. Its functions make life easier once you're on the resort, with the option of ordering online, finding out in real time how many people are using the lifts, retrieving photos and videos taken on the resort and much more! In 2023, Paradiski YUGE offers you a whole new set of challenges! Get ready for an even more exciting experience with the new gamification features.
New unlocked level :
  • Share your exploits: Show the world your epic times and routes.
  • Challenge your friends: Compete against each other in crazy challenges. Compare your stats, and may the best one win!
  • Become a legend: Win medals and climb the rankings to become king or queen of the mountain.
Immerse yourself in this new interactive dimension by downloading the app from the App Store and Play Store!
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Something new is coming to the front of the Nordic site! It has been redesigned and modernised with a complete renovation of the building and an extension to include a snack room where skiers and walkers can relax and enjoy a warm meal. New facilities have also been added, including ski lockers, boot dryers to keep your feet dry and a new workshop area for staff. A complete overhaul, then, for a brand new, more comfortable, better-equipped site and a better overall experience for you, dear Nordic site lovers!
Access: By shuttle bus via the Nordic Express (linking Arc 1800 to the Peisey-Vallandry Nordic site) or by combining the La Lonzagne televillage and the circuit 3 shuttle bus to the Peisey-Vallandry Nordic site. Free transport.