What to do in Peisey-Vallandry in May and June?

Many people might wonder what you can do in Peisey-Vallandry once the ski season is over and what activities are available... But even after this high point of the year, life goes on and the area survives! Thanks to its two villages, Landry and Peisey-Nancroix, Peisey-Vallandry is alive all year round! Here's a non-exhaustive list of activities you can enjoy in Peisey-Vallandry in spring.
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Hiking & Vanoise National Park.
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Peisey-Vallandry is surrounded by extraordinary mountains, sensational scenery and lush pine forests. It is also located at the entrance to the Vanoise National Park, the first national park created in France, which is literally part of its territory. As a result, there are numerous hiking trails, accessible to all abilities, enabling visitors to wander around and immerse themselves in this exceptional natural environment. Covered in white during the winter, they reappear when the snow melts, so some of them are accessible in between seasons. It's a great way to enjoy the beauty of the area and get some exercise at the same time. On the menu: wild nature and fantastic scenery! A hiking guide is available from the Peisey village Tourist Office.
Our favourite: Depending on the snow conditions, which can vary greatly and quickly from one week to the next, you can go up to the Refuge du Mont Pourri. It's a walk in an exceptional setting, in the heart of the Park's flora and fauna, with the possibility of seeing large groups of ibex. Warning: this hike is quite difficult!
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At the end of April, the ski lifts come to an end after a hard winter's work. However, the snow doesn't always fit in with our tourist schedules. So it's sometimes possible to extend the season beyond the official closing date and still enjoy the pleasures of the slopes. In this case, you have to get your skins out and work your way up, before you can hit the snow-covered slopes. It's a chance to discover a different side to skiing, a different way of enjoying it, in the mildness of spring just around the corner.
Our favourite: Mont Pourri (3,779 m), an emblematic climb, the second summit of the Vanoise and a must for every mountaineer! Warning: this is an activity that takes place in an unsafe natural environment, so it's a good idea to find out about the weather and snow conditions, and whether it's possible to do it, and to make sure you have the right equipment to do it safely. You alone are responsible for your own safety.
Would you like to be accompanied? Contact the Bureau des Guides des Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry on 06 58 16 07 94 or by e-mail info@guidesdesarcs.com.
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There are also a large number of trails and tracks dedicated to mountain biking. Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride, an enduro or a downhill, there's something for everyone. There's something for everyone!
Our favourite: the Country Kids trail at Rosuel. This easy route lets you discover enduro mountain biking in an exceptional setting at the gateway to the Vanoise National Park.
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Via ferrata.
Climbing enthusiasts will find plenty to satisfy their thirst for thrills on the via ferrata at Les Bettières, as well as being able to feast their eyes on the sumptuous scenery. The via ferrata lies at the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, close to the Rosuel refuge, and offers a magnificent route along a ridge line. Spur, exposed ridge, cliffs, slab, Nepalese bridge, zip line... a journey to the heart of verticality! It's worth noting that the route is divided into 3 sections by means of escape routes, so it's accessible to everyone, whatever their level.
Would you like to be accompanied? Contact the Bureau des Guides des Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry on 06 58 16 07 94 or email info@guidesdesarcs.com.
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There are also plenty of opportunities for inveterate climbers who enjoy scrambling up rock faces. In natural sites, there are numerous routes on the cliffs, with varying degrees of popularity... enough to keep your ice axes topped up and your climbing shoes shaking!  
Our favourite: the Ceris boulders! For those with a good level, the boulders to the right of the path on the way up are located on private land belonging to a farmer. When the hay is not being cut, you should refrain from climbing there, out of respect for the owner. There are also some boulders on the left-hand side of the path going up, although they are less interesting for climbers, but they are on public land.
Would you like to be accompanied? Contact the Bureau des Guides des Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry on 06 58 16 07 94 or email info@guidesdesarcs.com.
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High mountain roads, sometimes at altitudes of 2,000 m or more, tend to disappear during our long winters, when they are buried under snow. During the month of May, roadworks professionals are hard at work revitalising the major passes that link valleys and even countries. This is the case, for example, for the Cormet de Roselend (between Tarentaise and Beaufortain), the Madelaine or Iseran (between Tarentaise and Maurienne) or the Petit-Saint-Bernard (linking France and Italy). Being here when these passes reopen gives you the chance to enjoy this grandiose spectacle, as you take the pass route carved out of the snow, surrounded by thick, impressive walls that vary in height depending on the harshness of the winter or the time of year you can get there. However, if you want to get back into the swing of things, the green route linking Aime-la-Plagne to Villaroger via Landry and Bourg-Saint-Maurice is an excellent compromise.
Our favourite: the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass on our doorstep! From Peisey-Vallandry, all you have to do is descend into the valley, towards Bourg-Saint-Maurice, to find yourself at the foot of this majestic pass. From there, a winding ascent, then a gentle slope to the summit at an altitude of 2,188 m, will give those who want to be among the first to celebrate its reopening something to marvel at. The little extra? The possibility of a bonus foray into transalpine territory in the Valle d'Aosta.
White water sports.
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Water, a precious commodity, is omnipresent in the area, with the Isère flowing at the bottom of the valley. All the more reason for those who wish to indulge in the pleasures of the water. You can take to the river in a raft or on a hydrospeed: thrills guaranteed! In a different style, canyoning combines climbing with the cool mountain streams. Active and entertaining options for enjoying the charms of water and its beneficial energy.
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Accompanied by our professionals in the discipline, take to the skies and admire the most beautiful peaks in the Tarentaise from the air. It's an enchanting experience you'll remember for the rest of your life!
Would you like us to accompany you? Contact Air Tarentaise on 06 52 03 82 82 or email contact@paradifly.com.
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At Peisey-Vallandry's various fishing spots, you can discover the many varieties of fish that make up the local fauna. Enjoy a spot of fishing at sunrise and return home in the evening with the day's trophy!
Where can you buy your fishing licence? At the Peisey village Tourist Office (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm). Information on 04 79 07 94 28.
Orienteering course.
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Curious and mischievous, the ermine has always lived in the Rosuel valley. They are just as familiar with the edge of the woods as they are with man's barns. Follow in the footsteps of this charming guide and explore our mountains on an orientation trail dedicated to this emblematic animal. Leaflet available from the Peisey village Tourist Office.  
Multisports and fun areas.
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Tennis, pétanque, handball, football, table tennis, basketball, children's play areas... All these sports are available free of charge throughout the resort. For information on the different areas, call the Peisey village Tourist Office on 04 79 07 94 28.
Discovering the Baroque.
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The Savoie - Haute Savoie region has a rare and sometimes little-known Baroque identity and imprint. However, in 1992, FACIM (Fondation pour l'Action Culturelle Internationale en Montagne) created Les Chemins du Baroque® (Baroque Trails®), an inventory of the 80 or so buildings in the area. The Peisey-Nancroix valley is not to be outdone in this respect, and is in fact particularly rich. It boasts one of the jewels of its kind, the marvellous sanctuary of Notre-Dame des Vernettes! On a tour that can be done on foot, by bike or by car (vehicle access only permitted on Fridays for mass), you can set off from Peisey-Vallandry to discover this characteristic Alpine Baroque... A new art form which, even if it is more moderate and less ostentatious here than in the big cities, set out to give a foretaste of paradise through a controlled profusion of gold and colour. A must-see!   
Our favourite: It's hard to choose between the 6 chapels, 2 churches and the sanctuary of Notre-Dame des Vernettes in Peisey-Vallandry. To do so, we recommend you follow "Le chemin des chapelles", a gentle stroll that will take you from one chapel to the next. Leaflet available from the Peisey village Tourist Office.    
Palais de la Mine.
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The Palais de la Mine plunges you into the history of Peisey-Vallandry. To understand it better, we need to go back to 1644, when a vein of galena or silver lead sulphide was discovered. This rare vein was mined for over 220 years, and the Ecole Supérieure des Mines was based in Peisey-Vallandry throughout the First Empire, from 1802 to 1814. Take a trip back in time and discover this emblematic site in the Peisey-Vallandry valley on the museum trail with its explanatory panels.
La Ballastière school orchard.
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The Ballastière orchard in Landry offers you the chance to discover apples and their different varieties. You can explore this open and original site on your own, using the information panels on site.
Chemin de la galoche.
Discover the village of Landry by following the galoche trail! Comprising 12 explanatory panels, this trail takes you on a journey through the history of the village via its emblematic sites. Ideal for children and parents with pushchairs. Leaflet available from the Peisey village Tourist Office.   
Tour of the church wood.
The village of Peisey, which has been awarded the "Pays d'Art et d'Histoire" label, reveals its secrets on a walk around the wood that protects its church. Narrow streets, a fruit orchard, old fields, a parish church, old trades, the first ski lifts: you'll learn a lot as you stroll along the 14 explanatory panels suitable for all ages. Leaflet available from the Peisey village Tourist Office.   
Landscape trail.
Enter the heart of a wood populated by alders, rowan trees, redcurrants and ferns and let yourself be guided by this geological trail made up of five large panels that invite you to understand the Rosuel landscape.
The heart of Peisey-Vallandry beats to the rhythm of its events throughout the year. Below is a list of the major events taking place in the area in May and June.
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Saturday 6 May 2023: Clean-up day in Peisey-Nancroix.
Friday 12 May 2023: Skiing in the meadow. A day of multi-activity sporting events with athletes and farmers organised by the Syndicat de Défense du Beaufort.
Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 May 2023: The Hannibal Raid. An event spread over several days with 3 events per day (trail, night, mountain bike, surprise event, etc.), organised by the emlyon business school student sports association.
Sunday 4 June 2023: La Landrygeote. Landry village festival.
Friday 23 June 2023: Saint-Jean bonfire in Rosuel.
Sunday 25 June to Sunday 2 July 2023: Wellness Week. A week to look after your heart, body and mind through personal development and fitness workshops.