What to do in Peisey-Vallandry on a rainy day?

You are on holiday in the mountains and unfortunately the sun is not shining? Don't panic! Just because it's raining or grey doesn't mean you don't want to discover Peisey-Vallandry and its many attractions. Your holidays are not spoiled, on the contrary, and with the selection we have concocted for you, we will even make you forget that outside the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds. Cross your heart and hope to see you soon!
Cultural side
  1. Watch a film at the Eterlou cinema in Vallandry. In case of bad weather, the Vallandry cinema adds a session at 2.30 pm in addition to those of 6 pm and 8.30 pm. So you can keep up to date with the latest film releases. Programme available in your Tourist Offices or on the Facebook page " Cinéma l'Eterlou Vallandry ".  
  1. Visit museums and exhibitions.
  • In Peisey village, you will be charmed by the Musée de la Fruitière which includes an exhibition on the school of yesteryear, another on the habitat and traditional costume and a last one on the history of the valley. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the attachment of the Peiserots to their traditions. Open Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 6pm. Free of charge.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter" at the Peisey library. Permanent exhibition of figurines, objects, drawings and games from the world of J.K. Rowling. Visible from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 12pm. And on Fridays from 9am to 12pm, don't miss the creative workshops and various games around Harry Potter with Véronique. Free registration on site.
  • Discover "The lammergeier on stage": fun and educational module for families at the Refuge Porte de Rosuel. Free of charge. Every day from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30, except Thursday (closed) and Saturday only from 14:30 to 18:30.
  • Attend the exhibition "Plumes de nuit" at the Refuge porte de Rosuel. Free of charge. Every day from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30, except Thursday (closed) and Saturday only from 14:30 to 18:30.
  • Admire the photographic exhibition "Le gypaète, patrouilleur des parois" at the Musée de la Fruitière in Peisey. It is the favourite animal of Peisey-Vallandry! Free of charge. Monday to Thursday from 3pm to 6pm.
  1. Discover the cultural sites.
  • The chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Vernettes. This jewel of Tarentaise baroque art is located in Peisey-Vallandry, on a mountain balcony, on the edge of a forest from which a small spring with beneficial waters oozes. Thanks to the pastoral community of Peisey-Nancroix, you can visit it freely every day of the year from 9am to 5pm.
  • The church of the Sainte-Trinité in Peisey. With the highest bell tower in Tarentaise, it contains one of the last seven baroque bellows organs in the world! For this reason alone, it is well worth a visit. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 6pm.
  • The church of Saint-Michel de Landry. In addition to its richly painted and gold-coloured interior, the exterior fresco of the archangel Saint Michael slaying the dragon is well worth a visit. Open Monday to Saturday from 3pm to 6pm.
  • The 6 chapels of Peisey-Nancroix. Almost every hamlet in Peisey-Nancroix has its own chapel. The itinerary "Le Chemin des Chapelles de Peisey" will take you pleasantly from one to the other, on foot if you wish to brave the weather or by car for more comfort. They are open all year round and have explanations inside as well as quizzes to entertain the children.
  1. Read a book in the Peisey library. There's nothing better than reading a good book and hearing the rain dripping off the roofs. And if you forgot to take a book, don't hesitate to borrow the book of your holidays at the library of Peisey. Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 12pm. Book boxes are also available free of charge in front of the Tourist Office in Peisey village and Landry.
  1. Travel the roads of Tarentaise to discover baroque art. B-roads is the smartphone application that will allow you to discover baroque art in a fun and rewarding way. Follow the itinerary indicated on the application and go in search of elements of heritage and local know-how and traditions. You will be invited to fill your "digital rucksack" as you visit the various sites listed on a given route with geo-located points of interest. And the key: small goodies to be collected at the end of the tour from your Tourist Offices. Something to keep the little ones busy, as well as the adults!
  1. Have a good meal in a restaurant. The region is rich in cheeses, charcuterie and spirits. From the traditional raclette, tartiflette or fondue savoyarde, through farçon, crozets, polenta or diots, you will not fail to develop your taste buds, even in summer! All our restaurant owners and caterers will be delighted to help you discover our specialities. And a little particularity of Peisey-Vallandry: it is the only place where you can eat myrtillous. We leave it to you to discover this pastry by yourself. 
  1. Shopping. Whether you want to rent or buy your sports equipment, shop for souvenirs or bring back our local specialities to share with your loved ones, we have everything you need in Peisey-Vallandry!
  1. Take care of yourself.
  • Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa. It's time to let go and enjoy the benefits of a spa and treatments. With our addresses in Peisey-Vallandry (CGH l'Orée des Cimes in Vallandry and Hôtel la Vanoise 3* in Plan Peisey), there's no doubt that you'll go back to your everyday life soothed and revitalised.
  • Treat yourself to a beauty treatment at Authentik Coiffure. There's nothing like a new haircut or a beautiful blow-dry to brighten up your face and forget about the dullness. Open on Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 7pm.  
  1. Learn to paint like the big boys! There is no secret, art is a real therapy. Isabelle Desse, painter in Peisey, will be delighted to share her passion with you for a few hours. Information on 06 46 86 33 08.
  1. Enjoy the thrill of white water rafting. If you're going to get wet, you might as well get wet all over! The H2O base, located in Landry, offers you several sporting experiences on the Isère. From rafting, to canoe-raft, via hydrospeed, you are bound to find something to suit you! Information at 04 79 07 97 21. 
  1. Re-align your energies with your body and mind. In total immersion with the mountains and the energies of summer, discover a unique style of yoga with foundations in Hatha and Vinyasa and traditional energy practices. If this activity is usually offered outside, on bad weather days it takes place in the Vallandry multipurpose hall. A great way to relax in the warmth while hearing the rain fall.
Do you want more? No problem! Here are some more ideas around Peisey-Vallandry:
  • Go bowling in Arc 1800 or Arc 2000. Nothing better to keep the whole family busy for an afternoon or an evening! Information at Bowling La Station in Arc 1800 (04 79 06 97 76) or at Bowling Arc 2000 (04 79 24 23 12).
  • Skating at the covered ice rink in Montchavin-les-Coches. Because even in summer it is possible to find the sensation of sliding! Information at 04 58 24 00 46. 
  • Visit the Saint-Martin basilica in Aime. Impossible to pass through Aime without seeing it! Charge (free for under 16s). Information at 04 79 55 67 00.
  • Discover the Pierre Borrione Museum in Aime. This "Musée de France" has the particularity of being installed in a former church and offers a remarkable view of the valley and the surrounding peaks. Chargeable (free for under 16s). Information on 04 79 55 67 00.
  • Visit the Sires Montmayeur tower in Aime. Situated at the bottom of the town, it controlled the river Isère's circulation. Charge (free for children under 8). Information on 04 79 55 67 00.
  • Discover the Maison des Arts in Aime. Exhibition space dedicated to artists and craftsmen in the Tarentaise, but also to guests from all horizons during temporary exhibitions. Free admission. Information at 04 79 55 21 57.
  • Visit the Arpin spinning mill in Séez. The visit of the spinning mill retraces the history of the techniques: carding, spinning and weaving of the wool of Savoy sheep on century-old machines. Chargeable. Information on 04 79 09 49 27.
  • Discover the house of Tarentaise craftsmen-creators in Séez. Exhibition of works reflecting the talent, sensitivity and creativity of local craftsmen. Information at 04 79 41 00 54.
  • Discover the artisanal production of crozets at the Maison Rullier in Séez. Chargeable. Information on 04 79 22 40 03.
  • Marvel at the Saint-Eloi space in Séez. This old forge in the heart of Séez presents 3 exhibition themes: forge work, jewellery and Savoyard baroque art. Charge (free for children under 12). Information on 04 79 40 10 38.
  • Visit the mineral museum in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. This museum presents, through a unique regional ensemble, the ancestral activity of the crystal makers, the ovens, the crystals... Charge (free for children under 7). Information on 04 79 07 12 74.
  • Attend the exhibition "Immersion in the world of Beaufort" at the Haute Tarentaise dairy cooperative in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. In this museum space on 2 floors, you will discover the history of agropastoralism in the Haute Tarentaise (the territory and its people), as well as the making of Beaufort PDO, through an innovative, fun and educational tour, accessible to all. Free of charge. Information on 04 58 83 00 48.
  • Discover the roasting workshop of Les Cafés L'OR vert in Bourg-Saint-Maurice. A museum of unique pieces and above all, a wood and coal roasting machine from 1935, which will seduce coffee lovers. Free admission. Information on 09 51 23 24 87.
Editor: Sahra Ronc
Photo credits: Caroline Luc