Hitchhiking "Rezo Pouce"

Panneau rézo pouce


Facing the predominance of "one car one person" in Tarentaise, the SCOT suggests to experiment organized hitch-hiking. Its aims to promote car sharing on short distances trip in conjunction with already existing carsharing means (blablacar, mobiSavoie). The "communautés de communes" of les Vallées d'Aigueblanche, Cœur de Tarentaise and the Versants d'Aime have volunteered to experiment this action, coordonate by the APTV, with the support of the LEADER program, of the ADEME and the Savoie department.

How does it work ?
Nearly a hundred of boarding points are REZOPOUCE signposted in the whole territory of the 3 concerned "
communautés de communes", in order to secure and to ease the relation between car owners and hitchhikers.
This network has been developed with the contribution of students in coordination with the elected representatives of Tarentaise Vanoise.

Drivers and hitch-hikers are invited to register with the mairies or on the REZOPOUCE website.
They will sign a charter and will be given for free a mobility kit
(destination cards for hitch-hikers and a sticker for car owners) in order to ease the contact between each others.

Several actions are planned to promote and develop hitch hiking  in the territory.

Where can you find the 6 "ARRÊTS SUR LE POUCE" in Peisey-Vallandry in winter ?

- Landry : (3)

- Peisey-Nancroix : (1)

- Peisey-Vallandry : (1)

- Nancroix : (1)

In summer, a additionnal 7th ARRÊT POUCE is located close to Rosuel at "les Bettières"