Make your home more profitable

You are an owner in Peisey Vallandry, you wish to rent it and look for clients.

Here are several solutions:

The Booking Office can look for your clients.

The renting of your accommodation will then be optimized.
You are free to fix the price of your apartment.
You leave your accommodation to the Booking Office on the weeks you want and can change your planning during the season.
The Booking Office will establish the renting contract and will take the first down payment and the balance and you will get the clients details.
Your clients are entitled to the Booking Office’s offers and services and will be able to benefit from "All Inclusive" stays.
The Booking Office negotiate for them the best offers and advertise them through Internet, brochures and exhibitions...

You do not live in the valley:
The Booking Office is a service meant to help the members of the Tourism Office and it is also marketing stays/trips. It is not a state agency.It is legally impossible to organise the reception of the clients and the maintnance of the accommodation. If you do not live in the valley, you will then have to subscribe a contract with a professional for the keys handling, the maintnance and the deposit collection. The 4 agencies in Peisey-Vallandry can suggest you a "Welcoming" contract but it is not a full contract.

About 50 private owners have decided to subscribe to this formula.
The service is partially paid by both Landry and Peisey villages.
Your rate rises up to 15% of the price of the accommodation fixed by yourselves. (+ a subscription of 130 Euros/year to the Tourism Office, Law association from 1901).
The Booking Office is now existing for 10 years thanks to an administrative authorization AUn°07397004.