Safety on the slopes

Our priority: security and comfort of skiers.

Thanks to preventive actions, advices and communication, everything is made to improve the security on the slopes : beginners areas, fun spaces,...

To follow also: "alternative routes" discover the less busy slopes and join the most available ski lift.

A small reminder of some basic civic rules on the slopes  so that skiing remains a pleasure for all :
  • Respect others.
  • Respect beginners and control your speed, slow down in the beginners area.
  • Don't stay static in a crossing area or behind a bump. (In case of fall, free the place as fast as possible.)
  • All those who ski below you have priority.
  • In the event of an accident, give the alert with the ski patrolmen first-aid workers or from the closest ski lift. Do not forget to indicate the name of the track(runway) and N of the closest beacon(tag).

    Help on tracks(runways): Peisey-Vallandry / Bows(Arcs): 33 ( 0 ) 4 79 07 85 66


To secure the resort : this is the mission that's settle everyday by the ski patrollers through the Plan of Intervention to Release  Avalanches (PIDA). To stabilize the snow-covered coat made dangerous by an important decreaqsing in temperatures or of heavy snowfalls, several ways are at the disposal of the ski patrollers to set off avalanches:
  • Explosives thrown by the hand,
  • The cable carrier of explosive (CATEX) where the explosive charge is attached by a pliers on a cable. It is then towed and released at a distance over the slope secured.
  • The GAZEX or gas exploder is a wide angled tube, this system allows to set off avalanches by the eviction of an explosive mixture of propane and oxygen. The shock wave produced by the explosion Sets off the avalanche.
  • An helicopter is used in the most difficult  zones,
  • The avalancheur is a six meters long cannon with compressed air, the avalancheur propels explosive arrows in the inaccessible places.