Baroque heritage

One of the most beautiful onion dome from Tarentaise. Visible from a great distance, perched on a forest spur above the village, Landry's church indicates with infinitely charm the entrance of the valley of Ponturin.
Saint Jacques le majeur at Pracompuet. Always open, on the Vernettes pilgrimage path.
The oldest and biggest chapel of the valley.
Alpine shrine built at 1816 m altitude, near a source to the miraculous virtues, Our Lady of The Vernettes is a very cherished place to the hearts of the people of the Valley.
Little chapel buildt in 1750, on the alpine meadows track.
Place of prayer, open daily thanks to the volunteers of the village. Its existence is proved true since 1638. The inside as well as the facade were renewed in 2010-2012.
This Chapel, built in 1661, is dedicated to Sainte Marguerite. In the older times, there was a mass every springtime and automn when the hamlet was occupied by shepards.
The design inside the parish church of PEISEY is exceptional in all Tarentaise.
Chapel dedicated to Saint Marie-Madeleine, whom the existence dates of at least 1663.