COVID 19: Our cancellation policy

If the criterion appears on the accommodation's description, here is the list of cases that will be taken into account and that will give rise to a reimbursement of your reservation without any costs:
- Closure of the French or European borders or the borders of the client's country of origin or that of a transit country.
- Non-essential travel prohibited by the country of origin, a transit country or France.
- Quarantine (or any other period of strict confinement) by the country of origin, a transit country or France.
- Governmental or prefectoral decree imposing in France a limitation of travel by kilometre or the closure of tourist accommodation, or the closure of ski lifts (in winter season)
Refunds without charge and deadline:
*The insurance premiums paid by the client and the booking fees charged by Peisey-Vallandry Réservation are not refundable.
The deadline for accepting a refund without charge is set at D-15 before arrival.
Beyond this date, the usual terms and conditions apply. : Cliquez ici

Cancellation insurance :
Peisey-Vallandry Réservation offers you a cancellation insurance (3.3% of the rental price) SAM LOCPLUS which covers you and each participant of the group, in case you fall ill just before the stay: positive test within 7 days before departure and/or refusal of boarding in a public transport see conditions : Cliquez ici
Conditions spéciales COVID : Cliquez ici