local products

Regional products, cooked dishes, butcher's shop, cold cuts, cheeses, wines, génépi, sandwiches, bread, pastries, pastries, jams, ...
Sale of cheese and other regional products.
The Gaec Tarines de l'Aliet is a family dairy farm for the manufacture of Beaufort.
"La Fromagerie de Peisey" was created in 2021 and brings together 3 farms in the Peisey-Nancroix valley: the EARL les chèvres de Sainte-Agathe, the GAEC des Tarines de l'Aliet and the GAEC Alpin.
GAEC ALPIN is the result of the merger, in 2006, of two local family farms: Vallon des Rossets GAEC & EARL Croix Bozon.
The "Chez Marthe" creamery is a producers' shop in the Peisey Nancroix valley located in the heart of the village of Peisey, Rue des Monts d'Argent