Plan Peisey / Pracompuet / La Chenarie / Pont Baudin

  • Pédestre
Itinéraire Pédestre
- Departure/Arrival
- Point of interest
Circuit n° 1
  • Circuit :
    • Pédestre
  • Informations Itinéraire :
    • 3.8 km
    • 88 m de dénivelé
    • 90 minutes
  • Levels of sporting experience :
    • Level bue - easy
Route from the resort (1650m) to the Nordic area (1500m).
Nice walk on a balcony path, easy (a steep slope) that can be done in both directions. Return possible by free shuttle.
At the end of the Vieux Plan Peisey, take the groomed path which goes down on the right. Pracompuet (Baroque chapel still open) is at 40 minutes of walk; Then follow the forest road that goes down to the right towards Chenarie (a hairpin bend). Cross the hamlet and continue on the left to Pont Baudin. Shortcuts are sometimes possible after Pracompuet: learn about the conditions.
Opening day(s)

All year long 2020

Every day

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